The American Fisheries Society has continued to strengthen itself this past year in a concerted effort to provide members with the impact and services they need and expect. From the development of the strategic plan two years ago through the current implementation of the communications plan, AFS has restructured and strategically hired new staff to deliver on programs that will provide new member benefits. These critical areas include new directors of communications and continuing education and an expansion of our AFS policy program. The differences are already palpable. AFS science is now featured on our new website and bi-weekly e-newsletter.  Our social media presence is more than blossoming—it’s skyrocketing. AFS is back in the policy arena and has already built a reputation as a go-to organization for high quality, informative, and scientifically rigorous briefings. We have a full slate of continuing education classes in Kansas City and immediately afterwards will launch a new program of webinars, podcasts, and distance learning courses. It is a good time to be an AFS member and will only be getting better.

The upcoming year looks even more exciting. We’ll be launching new membership efforts and plan to publish more special issues of Fisheries, to continue the excellence that you’ve already seen in the recent climate change and education issues. After an excellent meeting in Kansas City we have a tremendous event planned for Tampa in 2017.  We’ll also be working hard to expand our international presence through our role in the World Council of Fisheries Societies with more science and policy briefings.  If you’re not currently involved with the Society, it’s a great time to come on board. If you know of a colleague who isn’t an AFS member, now is a great time to reach out to him or her. Being a part of AFS is being a part of the future of fisheries—so come along with AFS for a great year ahead!