Fisheries Ecosystems: From Uplands to Oceans

Report from the President

AFS President Joe Margraf

This year’s 147th Annual Meeting theme is “Fisheries Ecosystems: From Uplands to Oceans.”  A fantastic lineup of scientific and networking events is planned for the Annual Meeting in Tampa, where AFS last met in 1995. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

I provided a self-evaluation of my entire year in office in the August 2017 issue of Fisheries, so here I will just focus on one of the main aspects of my Plan of Work: enhancing the prestige of AFS publications….Read more

Accomplishing Our Mission - 2016 Highlights

Report from the Executive Director

Executive Director Doug Austen

This year we wanted to turn our attention to the brilliant work done by our members to keep the American Fisheries Society as vibrant as ever. We thank you for volunteering your time and energy to the Society to make yourselves a fundamental part of the vision and mission. With your help we continue to advance fisheries science and management in the U.S. and beyond. Whether through active positions with AFS Sections or Committees, or through leadership positions in Chapters and Divisions, your contributions to the organization are remarkable and greatly appreciated. Now more than ever, government agencies and academic institutions look to us as thought leaders in science.Read more

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