Communicating the Science of Fisheries Conservation
to Diverse Audiences

Report from the President

AFS President Steve McMullin

The 148th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society will take place August 19-23 in Atlantic City, NJ. We expect more than 1,500 fisheries professionals to network and share information related to the meeting theme, “Communicating the science of fisheries conservation to diverse audiences.” The meeting theme reflects the three main priorities of my plan of work:

  1. Increasing diversity within the fisheries profession.
  2. Communicating fisheries science to professional and nontechnical audiences.
  3. Revising the AFS strategic plan for the period 2020-2024.

What have we accomplished relative to those priorities?  A few of the highlights include…Read more

Accomplishing Our Mission - 2017 Highlights

Report from the Executive Director

Executive Director Doug Austen

There were many reasons to be grateful in 2017.  Society membership numbers were up from the previous year. Folks told us that making all of our journals accessible online for free was a momentous benefit. Not only did they find out that they had free access to five journals, plus Fisheries, but they saw publications with a new look and a more dynamic social media presence. For example, working with our new publisher, Wiley, we planned collective, interactive issues that will become a regular “gift” to our fisheries science students and professionals well into the future.

President Steve McMullin and the Governing Board focused on a number of issues to move the Society ..Read more

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